My Sweet Baby Blue Eyes

This girl.  She has my whole heart.  She is growing way too fast.  It seems like with your first child, you are so excited that they are growing and achieving milestones, it's exciting to see what each new stage has in store.  With your second and last, I just want her to stop growing.  I want to savor and enjoy each stage of her babyhood, because I know it goes so fast.  These baby cuddles and chubby legs won't last for very long.  And it makes me so sad because I just LOVE it, I love every inch of this precious girl just as she is.  I can honestly say I've enjoyed every single minute of being her mamma and I want it to stay that way.  At least she can stay that way in photos.  Tomorrow she will be leaving for college as everyone likes to point out.  Today I will enjoy her trying to stand by herself and her funny gurgle sound and her rosy cheeks.  And those eyes, those eyes so blue that they are almost violet.  Sweet Abigail, you are such a gift!

Abby 8 mo-7280-Edit.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7277-Edit.jpg
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Abby 8 mo-7348.jpg
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Twirly Girl

In June we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of our daughter's Adoption Day.   So much has happened in the past 2 years, it's hard to believe that we went from being a family of 2, to 4 with the birth of our 2nd daughter this past November.  I love these photos of our precious Annabelle.  She is every bit two years old.  Sweet and sassy, loving and defiant, sugar and spice.  She is slightly a tom boy which is why I love these photos of her swirling around in her dress.  As soon as she put it on she twirled around and said "I am a princess!"  It flares out so perfectly I just had to get photos of it.  It isn't often that she is a girly girl.  She loves to ride her bike, kick her ball, climb on things, play with race cars and Thomas the Train.  She hates having bows in her hair or wear it up in a pony and doesn't like any shirts that have belts or ties around the middle.  But she loves on her little sister, loves tea party and wearing her princess dress, loves to give kisses, read books, tell stories, sing and dance.  And when she sings lullabies to her little sister, it melts my heart.  She already is a little mother hen to her baby sister and it's so cute.  Not sure how long it will last but I will take it!

I have been on a hiatus with photography for a bit.  Life with two little ones is all consuming, and that's ok with me right now.  I look forward to taking more clients in the future when our youngest is a bit more out of the baby stage.  I still love to drag out my camera once in while.  When our daughter wants to twirl in her dress outside on a summer night, and when the lighting is just right, magic happens!  Happy Adoption Day sweet Anna, can't imagine life without you!

2017 Abby Anna-7081-Edit.jpg
2017 Abby Anna-7041-Edit-2.jpg
2017 Abby Anna-7033-Edit.jpg

Roberts Family | Southeastern WI Family Photography

I've had the pleasure of photographing Patrick and Hannah for several years, in fact Patrick was one of my first little subjects when I started my photography business.  It's so fun to see how these two are growing up.  They managed to give me at least a few sibling love poses!. I love that Patrick wanted to keep his water park bracelet on, I remember those days when it was a token of honor and you wanted to wear it as long as you could so everyone knew you went to the fun park! We had the perfect evening, although a bit humid for this session, but I know these humid days will soon be far gone and I will want them back!


Karis - Class of 2017 / Southeast WI Senior Photography


World traveler, talented singer, ballerina and a sweet and fun spirit are what comes to mind when I think of Karis.  Karis and her mom (who is also my cousin!) drove down from the Wisconsin Dells area for her senior portraits.  Karis will be graduating from Reedsburg High School in 2017 and I am so excited to see what will come next for her.  With all of the things that she loves to do and has participated in, I know that her options will be many!  I really enjoyed hearing about her recent trip to Europe this summer and her visits to so many countries.  Music talent runs in our family (it skipped me!) and she has received the gift of an amazing voice.  Thank you Grandpa Rodenkirch for passing that along!   I think Karis's ballet photos are some of my favorite that I have taken to date!  Have a great senior year Karis!