Personal reflections on 2015...and some really, super incredibly cute baby photos.

2016!  Who knew it would come so fast!  I took some time off from photography over the holidays to simply enjoy the time with family and make some of our own memories.  It's hard to believe that just over a year ago, December of 2014 we were a newly formed family of three.   Many reading this know, that for many, many Christmases, we yearned to have an addition to our family, but the years kept passing us by, and hope was becoming more and more difficult to come by.   After a very bumpy road, a lot of heartache and the looonnnggesssttt wait I could possibly imagine, we were blessed through adoption with Annabelle Grace.  Now, here I sit reflecting on our 2nd Christmas with our daughter and it is so....WONDERFUL!   

I've learned so much over the past year about so many things, about being a mom, juggling responsibilities, about letting go of things, real things like a clean living room, and emotional things, like the heavy weight of our 9 year struggle to build a family that doesn't feel completely lifted.  I am still mustering through a lot.  I am still healing from some very deep emotional wounds that our journey inflicted on me.  However, I am also finding so much beauty in the struggle, in our struggle.  God allowed us to walk the path we did and blessed us immensely through it.  I know I need to keep pressing on, learning, growing, and healing.  If there is anything I am an expert at, it's perseverence.  

Our daughter has brought us so much joy and love, it's not containable!  I love her so much and I am so thankful our journey brought us to her!   I marvel every day at her and feel blessed for each additional day that God gives us together.  I love watching her grow and learn new things.  I am trying not to let her suffer from photographer's child syndrome, which is where I photograph her every move.....but sometimes it feels just the opposite, like I don't capture enough because life is life, it moves fast and sometimes I just want to experience the moment and not be behind the lens, to not worry about whether or not I have the "perfect" photo of her.   2015 was a blur, a year of firsts and celebrations, a year of getting used to the new role of motherhood, of transitions.  Now, I am looking forward to 2016, to taking a big, deep breath and letting it all sink in!  These are just a few of my favorite images from the past year!  hard to believe my little girl is already 14 months old!

BlogBoard-9_1 year collage_01.jpg

And for the record, I take regular, not-so-great cell phone pics on a daily basis too!  Here's evidence....