My Sweet Baby Blue Eyes

This girl.  She has my whole heart.  She is growing way too fast.  It seems like with your first child, you are so excited that they are growing and achieving milestones, it's exciting to see what each new stage has in store.  With your second and last, I just want her to stop growing.  I want to savor and enjoy each stage of her babyhood, because I know it goes so fast.  These baby cuddles and chubby legs won't last for very long.  And it makes me so sad because I just LOVE it, I love every inch of this precious girl just as she is.  I can honestly say I've enjoyed every single minute of being her mamma and I want it to stay that way.  At least she can stay that way in photos.  Tomorrow she will be leaving for college as everyone likes to point out.  Today I will enjoy her trying to stand by herself and her funny gurgle sound and her rosy cheeks.  And those eyes, those eyes so blue that they are almost violet.  Sweet Abigail, you are such a gift!

Abby 8 mo-7280-Edit.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7277-Edit.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7306-Edit.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7348.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7326-Edit.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7334.jpg
Abby 8 mo-7344.jpg
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Abby 8 mo-7383-Edit.jpg