Nova | Waukesha WI Newborn Photography

There is nothing sweeter than a new baby girl.  It's funny how each newborn, even though they are just days old, have their own little personalities already!  Nova didn't want to miss out on the party, she stayed wide awake for most of the session instead of going to sleep.  Funny how I want the exact opposite for my adult subjects - awake and smiling please! But for newborns we just love those sleepy poses.  The best though, is when you get a sleepy and smiley one, like my favorite image from this session below!  Welcome sweet Nova, with an awesome name like that you are sure to rock your future!!! 

The Terrific Twos! | Lake Country Children's Photography

This little one is celebrating her 2nd birthday!  She had some pretty strong ideas about what she did NOT want to do during her photo session.  She figured there were much more interesting things to do than sit on a chair, on some steps or in the middle of a pretty grassy area.  That's ok, exploring my property gave her lots of opportunity to do her own thing and I am glad I was along for the ride with my camera.  Who can sit still anyways when there is so much beauty around you?  I just love how her dress matched so many of the flowers growing in my yard, I couldn't resist putting together a little bouquet!

Hannah 2 year photos1
Hannah 2 year photo2
Hannah 2 year photo 3
Hannah 2 year photo 4
Hanna 2 year photos 8
Hanna 2 year photo 5
Hannah 2 year photo 6
Hannah 2 year photo 7

One year photos / Waukesha Children's Photographer

Hannah turned 1 year, and what a fun way to celebrate!  I absolutely adored her polka dot dress, there isn't anything more adorable than polka dots on a little girl!  We had a beautiful day for her photos.  I love being able to do sessions right in my own back yard.   We were able to cool down, get changed and fed in my house when necessary, just makes things so easy!  Hannah is sweet girl, I am excited to see how she grows up!