Kenna Class of 2016 | Wauwatosa West High School

Meet Kenna, Tosa West class of 2016 (man do I feel OLD!).  We started at my porperty, but I am so glad we ventured to downtown Waukesha as a more urban feel seemed like a great fit for Kenna!  We had fun in the alleys, in front some of the colorful murals and also by the riverwalk.  I grew up in Waukesha, but since moving back recently it seems like the downtown area has revived quite a bit, and there are some great little hidden gems for photo opportunities too, especially if you like fun art, music, street scenes and just a bit of nature!   A fun tid-bit about Kenna, she works at the same diner that my hubby and I used to frequent when we lived in Tosa.  It is a bit of a local icon and they have the BEST fried chicken and pizza.  Miss that place!!  I hope you keep the senior-itis at bay Kenna and enjoy the rest of your year!