Sweet Baby E

Baby E is super adorable and his sweet mama is a friend of mine!   I could have photographed him for hours.   He loved playing with his shoe laces.  He also liked my daisies so much he tried to eat them, but his mama was quick to put a stop to that!   Not to say that we didn't tease him a little with the daisies to get him to smile and look at the camera, you gotta do what you gotta do!  Fortunately it didn't take much for this one, cuz he was all smiles the whole night.  untitled-8743-Edit_w untitled-8775-Edit_Oa-2W untitled-8713-Edit-Edit_FB untitled-8714-EditWuntitled-8730-Edit-2-Edit_W untitled-8716-Edit-2_FB untitled-8766-Edit_FB  untitled-8755-Edit_wuntitled-8833-EditW

The daisies are coming!

"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" I do think that daisies are one of the friendliest flowers, but my personal favorite is the dahlia flower.  But let's talk about the daisies.  I have an amazing patch of daisies on my property.   They are just starting to pop up from the barely thawed ground.  I swear it's still thawing after this tough winter!  During the golden hour (one of the BEST times to capture photos), when that sun is starting to sink on the horizon, it filters through the trees and creates an amazing backdrop, spilling perfect light over my daisy patch.  I don't know if patch is technically the right term, but I don't know what else to call it!  My daisies will be in bloom during June, and they make the perfect background for a family or children's photo session.  They don't last long, toward the end of June, they already start to die and there isn't anything else that grows so abundantly to replace them in my garden.   Don't you think they would help to make such happy photos??

P.S.  The first person to correctly identify the movie the top quote is from will receive a free 8 x 10 when a photo session is scheduled between now and June 30th - leave a comment with your answer!

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Sweet One

I don't normally photograph newborns, but when a friend wanted me to photograph her sweet, new baby girl, I couldn't resist.   I really wanted to just capture some sweet moments of mom and her new one in her home.   This little one would not sleep, she was so content to be wide awake the whole time!  Roberts-7_blogRoberts-6_blogRoberts-5106-Edit-3_soft_blogRoberts-5131-Edit-2_matteBW_blog